School Counselors and Administrators of the Year

Roselyn Young

Elementary School Counselor of the Year, 2021

This year’s Elementary Counselor of the year has always been passionate about working with children. In high school, she participated in a Peer Facilitating class which allowed her the opportunity to work with struggling middle school students. Through this experience, it sparked her interest in learning about human behavior. She acquired her B.S. degree in Psychology with a minor in Child Development and earned an M.S. degree in Mental Health Counseling and Ed.S. degree in Professional School Counseling. As a School Counselor, she feels she has the best of both worlds in working in counseling as well as teaching SEL lessons.

“ If you give all you got with the intent of being ‘All in for all Students’, then it will always be enough.”

Lisa Hutchins

Middle School Counselor of the Year, 2021

Lisa received a Business Administration degree from the University of Florida. Ten years later, she wanted to make a difference in the lives of children and pursued a Master of Education degree in Mental Health Counseling. She was a therapist specializing in the treatment of children who were victims of domestic violence or sexual abuse. Eleven years later, she transferred these skills and completed an Educational Specialist Degree in School Counseling. She has been a school counselor for 9 years and absolutely loves her job.

"At Crestwood, the counseling team helps and supports all students, no matter what. We specialize in helping kids!"

Wanda Thomas

High School Counselor of the Year, 2021

She began her career in the district as graduation coach under the Smaller Learning Communities grant. During that time, her best practices became part of the blueprint for other grad coaches in her position. After three years she eagerly stepped into the role of a school counselor at Palm Beach Lakes. Since then, it has been her personal mission to help students see the amazing light that shines in each of them and help turn their stumbling blocks into stepping stones. Two years later, she was asked to fill the enormous shoes of her mentor and become the school counseling director.

"Our school counseling team makes a difference everyday by implementing support systems for all students to make success unavoidable."

Verna Henry

New School Counselor of the Year, 2021

Fascinated with education at an early age, she began student teaching in 11th Grade. She studied education at Florida Atlantic University, and later earned her Master of Science in Counseling and Psychology at The University of West Alabama. She has worked as a middle school teacher and school counselor for over 15 years. She has taught Strategies for College Success at Palm Beach State College since 2013. Parenting her two sons has been her most valued leadership position. She believes in living a life of humility and service and that we are all capable of growth.

"Our school counseling program focuses on helping students become academically successful, college and career ready, and productive citizens."

Ana Arce-Gonzalez

Elementary School Site Based Administrator of the Year, 2021

Dr. Arce-Gonzalez, believes that communication is the key element to every positive relationship. Whether with staff members, friends, family members or her own children, she finds herself intrigued by literature and research that supports how to live a healthier lifestyle by the ways we choose to communicate with others. She graduated with two bachelor degrees from FIU in Music Performance and Education. She has always had an interest in the field of counseling so after she graduated, she quickly enrolled in the Marriage and Family Therapy program at Nova University. By day, she taught at a public school and after school hours, she worked for an agency where she counseled children ages 5-18. She continued her graduate work-studies and earned a Ph.D. in Educational Leadership with a specialist degree in Counseling. Her work as a school principal has allowed her to build relationships and oversee school staff and teachers, coordinate curriculum, provide students with a safe and productive environment to learn and foster caring relationships with parents. She believes that the heavy lifting of a principal's job is focused around building relationships and communicating our purpose for educating students.

"We have a very comprehensive guidance program at South Grade Elementary that aims to support all students with their psycho/social/emotional needs beyond the school campus."

Oscar Otero

Middle School Site Based Administrator of the Year, 2021

One of Oscar Otero's most vivid memories was being dropped off in Kindergarten. He was five years old but had only learned to speak Spanish at home. His first day was difficult enough with having to leave my mom, but now the sounds around him were unintelligible. He was the only Spanish speaker at the school except for the principal who spoke basic Spanish. She became his lifeline and an inspiration today as he works to ensure that students arriving at Conniston have the same hope and acceptance he felt in a surreal world. He grew up in West Palm Beach attending Conniston (where he currently serves as principal), Twin Lakes High School and eventually the University of Florida. His dream was to live abroad, experience the world and expand his mind. He taught in Nara, Japan for four years and traveled the world extensively during that time. Upon returning stateside he taught high school French and Spanish at and served as AP at two schools before his appointment to Conniston as Principal. He has three children who keep his life busy.

"School Counselors are the backbone of CMS by leading, inspiring, encouraging, modeling & advocating. No child is invisible and diversity is celebrated!"

Pia Pierre

High School Site Based Administrator of the Year, 2021

Dr. Pia Pierre is an experienced administrator. Driven by her ability to foster a safe environment for students while promoting academic success and cultivating an organizational culture of equity and inclusion, she takes pride in providing her students with lifelong tools that can be utilized beyond the high school setting. When she is not serving as an AP, she is a wife and a mom to two amazing boys. She was inspired to pursue education by her aunt who had been a Head Start teacher for 35 years and she witnessed the fulfillment in her heart from seeing her student’s achievements; she wanted that same joy.

"Our school counselors are the epitome of “All In For All Students” because they are ALL for academic success, IN for promoting college and career readiness, FOR The Kids, ALL for equity and access, STUDENTS are their reason WHY."

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